Vocal Japan was established for contributing to the promotion and development of cultural art. We create opportunities for more people to come into contact with various cultural art through domestic and international exchanges with A Cappella.

Vocal Japan integrated 4 groups working on promotion and development of a cappella culture in Japan; Acappella Party, A-realize Co., Ltd., King of Tiny Room Co., Ltd., and Vocal Asia Japan. These 4 groups will work together based on the philosophy of Vocal Japan.

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Representative Director Daisuke Shigematsu (Vocal Asia Japan)
Representative Director Shun Muroya (Acappella Party)
Representative Director Osamu Sugimura (株式会社A-realize)
Representative Director Gaku Hirano
Representative Director Hiroyuki Matsubara
Representative Director Keisuke Yoshida (King of Tiny Room Inc.)
Auditor Ryu Saito (King of Tiny Room Inc.)


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    Vocal Asia Japan

    Vocal Asiaの日本での窓口として、Vocal Asiaの国際交流活動のうち、主に日本にかかわるものの情報発信及びサポートを行う。

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    A-realizeはアカペラを行う人のトータルサポート会社です。 よりよいアカペラ環境をつくれるようサポート事業を行っております。

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    株式会社 King of Tiny Room


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    Acappella Party



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